3 Things to Look for in a Conference Event Planner

If you've decided that you want to run a conference for your clients and contacts, then you may need help planning and managing the event. If you're looking to set up a large event in an external venue for the first time, then you might not know where to start. This is where an event planner comes in.

Before you decide which planner to use, it's important to shortlist suitable individuals and companies. Looking out for people with the following skills and experience will help.

1. Large-scale events experience

Not all planners will have planned and organised large-scale corporate events before. They may have some experience in planning business events but on a smaller scale. They may not have organised any size of a conference before.

While a lack of experience doesn't mean that a planner can't work on a conference, it does give them a learning curve. They may make mistakes that could affect the success of the event, your reputation and your budget.

It's far easier to work with someone who has worked at this scale for corporate clients in the past. They'll have the skills and experience to organise a successful conference for you.

2. Sector knowledge

It's important to work with an event planner who understands the business sector you work in. Ideally, they'll have worked with clients in the sector before.

Your needs from a corporate conference are very specific. They are different from the needs you might have if you were organising an internal or more social event, like a training day or a client day out at a sporting event.

Plus, your attendees play a part here. A banking and finance conference may have a very different feel to one that targets the hospitality sector. If an events planner has worked in your sector before, then they can help you get the right focus.

3. Conference management

Some events planners will organise your conference but will leave you to manage it. While this is OK if you actively want to run the event yourself, it's not ideal if you haven't had any previous experience of doing this.

It's easier to hire a planner who will have at least one representative at the conference. They can help you check everything on the day before the event starts; they will also be at hand to help you solve any problems on the day.

To find out more about how an event planner can help you organise and implement the type of conference you need, contact a company like Zovento DMCC.